U.S. History Scene Named Founding Partner of Humanities in the Class Digital Library (HICDL) with the National Humanities Center


Humanities Education in the Digital Age

For Immediate Release

U.S. History Scene (co-founded by Assistant Prof. Rhae Lynn Barnes, History) is a founding partner and digital architect of the National Humanities Center’s groundbreaking “Humanities in the Class Digital Library.” This Open Education Resources (OER) platform brings together world-renowned humanities institutions to provide cutting-edge digital learning and virtual teaching content for over four million educators and school districts across the United States. 

The twenty founding instructional resource partners selected for this pathbreaking K-16 remote learning library include U.S. History Scene, the New-York Historical Society, Huntington Library, the National Council for History Education, the Library of Congress, the National Civil Rights Museum, the American Antiquarian Society, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.   

The digital library, developed as a stand-alone microsite, allows educators to search interdisciplinary collection sets based on a theme, instructional level, or subject matter. Users can select and save materials to their curated bookshelf, remix or adapt lesson plans for their teaching needs, and create groups to collaborate with like-minded educators. Humanities in the Class Digital library gives them access to the highest quality humanities education content in a free, open-source repository that encourages active engagement and community building.  

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