Stephanie Beck Cohen

About Stephanie

Stephanie Beck Cohen earned her PhD in art history at Indiana University. Her primary research interests are the arts of Africa, the South Pacific, and women’s transatlantic networks in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She is the Director of University Partnerships and Internship Programs at U.S. History Scene.

Visiting exhibits—in museums, libraries, of galleries of any size—allows students and the general public to engage objects and documents firsthand. The museum, gallery, and library becomes a field site for students, where they encounter objects and artworks differently from in the classroom. Writing an exhibit review lets students practice working with individual objects and pieces… MORE


This lesson considers Japanese internment in the United States during World War II from the perspective of Japanese-American artist Miné Okubo, who sketched life in the relocation centers in California and Utah. Learning objectives: After this lesson students will Be able to visually analyze primary source drawings from Japanese internment camps in the United States… MORE