Rhae Lynn Barnes

About Rhae Lynn

Rhae Lynn Barnes is an Assistant Professor of American Cultural History at Princeton University (2018-) and President of the Andrew W. Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical Bibliography. She is the co-founder and C.E.O. of U.S. History Scene and an Executive Advisor to the documentary series "Reconstruction: America After the Civil War" (now streaming PBS, 2019).

The Show Must Go On Where It’s At: I Got Two Turn Tables and a Microphone Welcome back! History 389: “People Get Ready: American Cultural History” will now be rebranded as “History 389: The Show Must Go On.” I promised when we evacuated campus, I will do everything in my power to make this transition… MORE

Rose the Riveter

Welcome to “The Show Must Go On: American Culture in Times of Crisis.” This is a free crowdsourced American history curriculum developed by American scholars to help reduce the workload of millions of teachers and professors on the frontlines of public education during the unprecedented #Covid19 shutdowns and university evacuations.