Maria Manjarrez

About Maria

Maria Manjarrez is a sophomore from San Gabriel, California, pursuing her B.A. in Political Science and B.S. in Public Policy and Law at the University of Southern California. She is a member of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre- Law Fraternity, a Norman Topping Scholar, and an Unruh Associate. When she graduates, she hopes to pursue a law degree with a concentration in immigration law.

Introduction Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass is remembered as one of the leading abolitionists in American history. His revolutionary thoughts as a former slave turned political leader and orator served as a major foundation of antebellum anti-slavery ideology, culminating in emancipation. Less known, however, is how Douglass propagated abolitionist thought and re-energized the transatlantic debate on… MORE


Historical Overview From 1940-1970, notorious African American musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Grant Green, and many more traveled to Paris during the Civil Rights era to record and/ or perform music that will live on for future generations. These artists poured their hearts into these melodies and have touched the souls of… MORE