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During the 1920s, African American jazz musicians, authors, photographers, and visual artists flocked to Harlem to pursue their artistic endeavors. France offered African Americas an environment where artists could focus less on their physical safety and more on their life’s work. Below is a collection of pieces created by artists of the transnational Harlem Renaissance in Paris, France.

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Books & Short StoriesBiographies & AutobiographiesEssays, Letters, & MonologuesPoetryMusicFilms & PlaysVisual ArtPhotographs & PostersArticles & AnalysisRecommended Parisian ToursHarlem/Paris Renaissance PlaylistHarlem/Paris Renaissance Gallery

U.S. Information Agency. Press and Publications Service. (ca. 1953 – ca. 1978)James Baldwin and Marlon Brando at the March on Washington (1963)

Books & Short Stories: organized alphabetically by author, then title

Biographies & Autobiographies: organized alphabetically by subject, then author

Essays, Letters, & Monologues: organized alphabetically by author/editor, then title

Poetry: organized alphabetically by author, then title

Music: organized alphabetically by artist, then song title

A playlist with all of these songs is available at the end of this page.

Films & Plays: organized alphabetically by director/playwright

Visual Art: organized alphabetically by artist, then title of work

Photographs & Posters: organized alphabetically by title

Articles & Analysis: organized alphabetically by author, then title

Recommended Parisian Tours: organized alphabetically by title

Harlem/Paris Renaissance Playlist

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Harlem/Paris Renaissance Gallery

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