If any free negro intermarry with any white woman, or if any white man shall intermarry with any negro woman, on conviction thereof such negro shall become a slave during life, and such white man or white woman who shall so intermarry shall become servants during the term of seven years. . . .

No negro or mulatto, whether free or slave, and no Indian, shall be admitted as evidence in any matter depending in any court, or before any justice of the peace, where any white person is concerned. Any negro or mulatto, whether slave or free, may be a witness for or against any negro or mulatto, slave or free, in any proceeding whatever. . . .

The several orphans’ courts of this State shall, upon information being given to them, summon before them the child of any free negro, and if it shall appear upon examination before such court that it would be better for the habits and comfort of such child that it should be bound as an apprentice to some white person, if a male till he is of the age of twenty-one years, or if a female till she is of the age of eighteen years. . . .

If any negro, or other person, shall entice or persuade any negro apprentice to run away or abscond from the service of the master, such negro or other person so offending shall be subject to fine and imprisonment. . . .

If any negro abscond, or run away, the orphans’ court of the county shall have full power to adjudge and order such apprentice to serve further time, after the expiration of the period for which such apprentice may be bound, as will compensate the master or person entitled to the service for all loss occasioned by such running away. . . .